Thursday, April 21, 2011

For the Religious: I hope these 4 days are meaningful for your families

Growing up in a church that worships on Saturday, when Easter weekend would roll around, sometimes there would be a Good Friday vespers (church service) depending on the church one attended, and then we would have an Easter service the day before Easter (Saturday) because again our denomination congregates on Saturday.  It wasn't until I was around 7 or 8 years old that my parents found out about a community sunrise Easter service on top of a foothill, not related to any denomination and we would hike up the 'mountain' side at 4am with the trails lighted up by the city's boy scout troops to make it up there for the 6:30am sunrise service.  I remember those years fondly trying not to fall down the hillside at 4;30am since all we had were flashlights from those poor boy scouts!  Unfortunately after high school when I came back from college, they didn't seem to be doing that.

That was the only thing I looked forward to, because while my parents always bestowed gifts on Easter, they made sure they were the religious kinds of gifts which was great and I loved all my Cd's and books from the Christian Bookstore.  The one thing my parents didn't do was Easter bunnies or egg hunts, or dying eggs...growing up that was a bit too secular. 

I find it extremely hilarious that now in the midst of enjoying a grandchild, Tigger will be participating in an egg hunt and this is the second year there are pictures with the big scary bunny.  Are most of the gifts Tigger is receiving Christian based?  Of course, and obviously for my family and the two of us, Easter is very important to us...and I hope that growing up, Tigger can remember why 'we' celebrate as well as enjoy some mainstream traditions in good fun. 

We were unable to join my parent's for their church's first ever 4 day church event tonight because Tigger is still to young to be out and about after her bedtime, however, I hope that my parents are getting something out of the Maundy Thursday service where my parent's church will be doing communion.  Usually most churches in our denomination don't congregate on Thursday's so this is a new thing this year for my parent's church. 

They will also be contemplating / meditating  during tomorrow night's Good Friday service.  I have actually missed going to the Friday night service because it is always a good one.  One leaves the church in a somber mood because the service is well....more somber for obvious reasons.  I think my favorite part is when the service is over, the congregation is asked to leave quietly while the bells are ringing.  It sounds dreadfully somber...this may sound strange to people not used to this kind of a service, but I find it personally moving. 

Google images picked this up

Tigger and I will get to see them at my church on Saturday for my church's live pageant, so not a traditional worship service. This is my first Easter at my new church as a member so am looking forward to the pageant Saturday morning. 

Sunday we will then do a community egg hunt as well as my parent's private egg hunt for Tigger.

What are your plans?  Happy Easter!


Jenny said...

I grew up Catholic and, although I no longer attend church, I think back fondly on the Good Friday and Easter services from my youth. They were such a special time for our family. Even as a child, I could sense how meaningful the Good Friday mass was. And of course there was always the Easter feast with my grandparents to look forward to. :)

I hope you and Tigger have a good Easter weekend and create some treasured memories.

Ticia said...

Grandparents do that, my Mom certainly has been crazy at times, or all the time.

I put up a post explaining the whole email thing :)

DannieA said...

ok I did what you said T so have your little fun.