Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tigger see, Tigger do!

Remember that old saying "Monkey see, Monkey do"?  yeah well it's come to a point that whatever I do, Tigger is on a mission that she must do likewise.  Which of course gets tricky because like all parents are endowed with, I need to be as good of an example to my daughter as I can.  Take for example

The trouble with utensils:
I've been trying to get Tigger to eat her food (dinner) with a fork and spoon...or at least a spoon.  It creeps me out to see her eating a meal like pasta, rice & beans, or potato with her hands...but she's been having a strong reaction to those toddler spoons and then it's one of those daily battles of tears, frustration, and throwing of the utensils.  I then noticed at the beginning of this week that Tigger wanted whatever I had.  If I was eating a cracker, she wanted one.  If I was eating a [meatless] chicken nugget, she wanted one too.  If I didn't have veggies on my plate, she didn't want to eat hers, so I decided on an experiment.  I gave her the smaller spoon of my silverware set

And like magic, Tigger started eating with a spoon.  I tried, she will NOT eat with a toddler/preschool spoon even if it has fun pictures or shapes or colors....she will however, eat with a regular adult spoon, just like mom. 

I've touch on this already, but I now am making sure we eat dinner together.  There is one prayer for the food, her chair is up to the table, and we each have the same food.  Tigger checks.  She cranes her neck like a turtle and makes sure she isn't missing anything that I may have, so I've really been eating my veggies

and my fruits

And in the process of making sure I'm not eating something different or junk foody like, I've lost 8 lbs.  I haven't exercised or done much...just changed up the way I eat to match Tigger's.  It's a good change really.  Remember...Tigger see, Tigger do. 

Remember that old saying that was really hip in the late 90s? WWJD?  (What Would Jesus Do?) Well now ask a different question...What Would Tigger Do?  Basically she would watch me and do whatever I do, so I really think twice about how I present myself.  It's why I do my best not to swear on my blog or in life (although I get a minor fail every so often), it's why I'm trying to look presentable, and it's why the TV and Computer have diminished until late evening.  My daughter wants to spend time with me.  She now leads me by the hand to show me her latest book that she loves, a game she wants to do, if she wants to go outside, if she wants to rough and tumble, she comes and gets ME, that's ME her MOM.  What message is it sending if the TV is on or the computer is on and mom doesn't have time for her?  Tigger see, Tigger guess is that soon enough she'll copy me and not have time for me either. 

We as parents to young children really are the hero's right now.  We really do say it loud with our actions right now.  It may be all well and good to talk to our kids when they are older, but I think the reason the saying "actions speak louder than words" is still a wise saying is because that's the foundation.  Tigger is looking at my actions as a young 20 month old before being able to process abstract's time friends...time to lead by example and know that it matters. 


Anonymous said...

That is too funny that she only wants 'real' silverware! Ben is the same way. Sometimes it's a little bit scary how much kids watch and model after you! Way to go on losing 8 pounds!

Heather D said...

Isn't it amazing how having a child changes your life in so many ways? I mean I've started running (slowly lol) to show my son a healthy active lifestyle. I eat a lot fruits and vegetables now, healthier foods. And they really do see everything, hear everything, and copy everything. amazing :)

Anonymous said...

Dannie!! I didn't realize you had a blog. It's *beautiful*! I subscribed. You take lovely pictures and your little one is just gorgeous. Your blog inspires me! Thanks for all of your support.