Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sometimes the past needs to just stay there!

For tonight's viewing pleasure I'd thought I'd bore you with the fact that on Saturday I am attending my 15 year high school reunion.  Yes that's right 15 years.  Time flies when you're having fun.  Well I wish I was just attending it, however, while being a class officer is awesome on a college application and essay, it kinda comes back to bite you in the butt when reunion times come.  So have been trying to make sure the people around here know what's going on and seeing if they can make it. 
Of course I have it easy, my graduating senior class had a grand total of 60 seniors.  Yep, you read that right 60 seniors in a busy city in socal.  I went to a private church based school so there ya go.  However, when you're my have you looked in your year books lately?  No?  well you should, those pictures are hideous.  I will now share with you my past.  The reason this post came so late in the evening was because I was making sure to erase innocent names and school names if they were on here.  Let's peruse down memory lane shall we?

Let's start with the god awful senior picture shall we?

What am I wearing?  I look like I need to retire into an old folks rest home with a collar like that on a dress (I'm the one with the star lol)  this has got to be one of the most hideous pictures evah!

I did win a senior award though.....that's right, class clown along with 'hangy' there...i think they shot that picture as my friend was trying to do something and is slipping to the point of falling down, I'm laughing hysterically and therefore that is the picture they chose!

 Moving on to sports, this first volleyball team picture isn't too bad, lovely smiling faces, however, the yearbook staff was fiddling with action shots and I decided to enhance the 'action' shot of me serving the volleyball by what I think they actually caught! If you're confused, look at my eyes...I look like the devil incarnate. 

Then there is the softball picture.  The fact of who was in my team astounds me and makes me glad that I am a friendly sort of person
Oh and then there are famous "senior things" pictures which show off our class and then show off the class officers plus little tidbits such as who has been here for 4 years (freshman-senior), who has been attending since 1st grade (12 years) and then the brave few souls that attended for 13 years (remember back in my day most kids went to first grade....skipped kinder)

(nope no kinder year for me) Oh but wait there's more!  Every Senior had a few lines they could fill out about themselves.  5 questions that are random and then there's some symbol next to the answer that is the 'thing' for the current year.  So here is a picture of that,

I seriously look like I'm about to beat up someone in my Dodger's attire, with that face, and my wannabe dog tags I have going on there.  Well first symbol is what I will be remembered for; second is 10 years from now; 3rd is what mystifies you; 4th is what is a perfect day and 5th is parting words....LOL  I was incredibly profound. 

Thank goodness we only get smarter and better looking with age....oh and did i mention that we grow a brain too?  This weekend should be fun!

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Missional Family said...

Too funny! My 15 years will be next year. I wasn't quite as popular as you haha...I think I'm in my senior year book maybe 3 times. Not that I can find it!! In one of my various moves since then, I somehow misplaced it! However, I do have a few elem ones, both jr high ones, and the other 3 years of high school. Lol not brave enough to post those pics though. Bad years. Bad!