Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Bunny Fiasco

Well to continue from my last post where all I did was whine about the turn of events this weekend, Tigger woke up from her nap and did not have fever so I bathed her and dressed her up to go see the bunny at the mall.  Now last year, my mom and I were at the mall and saw the Easter Bunny and to my shock, my mother totally went bonkers and Tigger had to have a picture taken...why did this surprise me?  well when I was little, we really didn't celebrate the um how should I put it, the "secular part" of Easter having to do with bunnies and egg hunts, so to see my mother grabbing my daughter and doing the whole Easter bunny thing was quite amusing to me.  And this is how it came out.

This spring I've already received Tigger's spring pictures from school and they turned out fine

So naturally I thought the trip to the mall would be a piece of cake.  Yeah, best laid plans and all that jazz.....Tigger is absolutely acting like a diva because the girl loves wearing dresses and big hair pieces and then we get to the Easter Bunny section, that diva happy face went from happy and self-important to drop dead terror.  I mean terror.....the crying and shaking kind.  Oh my word!  I took her up there and made a fool of myself flirting with the go, she wouldn't even because unpasted from my side!  My mom did the philosophical approach and we let another person go in front of us and she showed Tigger that it was just for a camera moment....Tigger then pretended to be brave and go up to the bunny but lost it and started wailing. 

So we walk around for a bit and I'm trying to think up of a way to get Tigger to take a dang picture with the stupid bunny....when my dad then takes the completely and utterly inappropriate masculine move.  He then tells my daughter that they are going back there to the bunny and that not to worry because Poppa will punch the bunny if he misbehaves.  Ok dad really?  come on.  So we go back and try again, I ask the lady photographer if my dad could stay in the general vicinity and she said 'sure'.  So I have my dang picture.  Tigger is NOT happy and my dad had to be trying to be there and avoid the camera as well.  So folks this one is a classic!!  One for the books....and oh yeah the shirt next to Tigger belongs to my dad!

Why do we do this to our kids again???????  Happy Easter to all bunny terrified kids everywhere!


Ticia said...

And that would be why my kids don't have any pictures with Santa, I'm sure they'd totally freak out.

Kelleydiona said...

Tigger is so cute!!!

Last Mom said...

I think it's an adorable picture!

By the way, I have awarded you The Versatile Blogger award! See my blog for instructions if you accept!

DannieA said...

oh my word....a blogging award! thanks.

T--no mandatory pictures with Santa? that's just wrong LOL

K-thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Tigger is gorgeous...and quite stylish as well.

Heather D said...

So cute! There's no easter bunny pics here sadly, but I do love the Santa pics!