Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend Part II

Easter morning, Tigger and I along with the grandparents went to one of our churches to participate in the brunch/worship/kids egg hunt that the ‘Mom’s Network’ had organized.

It was a fun event and Tigger enjoyed it. However the weather was stinky and rainy so the egg hunt ended up being inside in the hallways and Sabbath School classrooms. Luckily for me, Tigger seemed to have a blast even with the change of events to the inside.

Child friendly worship

Finding an egg

Oh another one1

It was still cold and wet outside my parent’s house when Tigger got up from her nap so unfortunately (for me more than Tigger I think) our private egg/gift hunt was done inside my parent’s house. I think Tigger scored royally in gifts.

Fancy egg

oh goody, a fat crayon...all the better to write on the walls with!

I love sing-a-long dvd's

totally scored at grandma and grandpa's

Then we went over to my aunt’s for a late afternoon/evening of fun. The cousins decided to play outside so all the little ones were in their jackets. Since my aunt lives in another city, we were pleasantly surprised to find the sun out when we arrived at her place.

I hope that your Easter weekend was pleasant If you have children, enjoy the little things…even the things that may go awry, it makes for great memories!


Ticia said...

Happy Easter!

Penelope said...

Happy Easter! Oh, how we desire rain in Texas!

La Mama Loca said...

Both of her dresses are just beautiful!! Looks like a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun filled Easter! Tigger looks adorable in all of her super cute outfits!! (PS...Thank you for my blog award!!)