Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hard Work Full Steam Ahead!

Well it happened way earlier than what I was anticipating or hoping for, but Thursday evening Tigger grabs me by the hand, says Mami, caca (mom, poop) and drags me to the bathroom waiting for me to put her on the BIG potty.  So I said to myself "what the heck...why not" and I put her on there.  To my surprise, out came poop.  Um ok Tigger congrats?  I know you've been exploring the potty and are in love with your mom going to the bathroom.  In fact the whole time mami is doing her business you are jumping up and down with glee and laughing.  (Wow, motherhood changes every little bit about life including bathroom privacy or lack thereof)

Since then, Tigger has asked to go 'caca' and does so nicely on the adult toilet...forget that little potty, it's not the real thing!  Alright!  Well...we're lacking in the pee department.  It's just not there.  So what to do, what to do.  In fact if you google "potty training", you see a slew of articles on children peeing in the toilet but refusing to poop/or not pooping.  I get the have to look harder for tips.  Great job Tigger for not being the norm!  Well I now take her words "mami, caca" very seriously as she's already done the deed in the toilet, so must keep it up, however, I see the next few months being hard work in general since this whole 'potty' thing emerged overnight.
Wish us luck!

decided not to post the picture of Tigger on the potty to avoid future explanation...that one stays home with us

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Ticia said...

Your problem is much easier to clean and less stinky than the other problem.

I had whole things of underwear I'd just throw away it was THAT gross.